REVIEW: Gro-hush & Gro-snug


Our son is only a month old and like all new parents we have struggled with sleepless nights, endless crying and feelings of despair, when it feels like “there is no way we are going to get any sleep because he just won’t stop”!

Before our son was born we went all out in researching the products that we might need as new parents, from baby monitors to slings. One gadget that I came across was the Gro-hush, from The Gro Company. The Gro-hush is a baby calmer, which plays soothing sounds to your baby in order to calm them down and as we discovered, get them off to sleep. There are 3 options for your baby to choose from, heart-beat, rainfall and ocean-waves, our son likes all three in different situations.

A few features of the Gro-hush:

  • Volume is preset to a single baby-safe level
  • Sound is focused to baby without disturbing others around
  • Comes with its own protective travel case
  • Switches itself off after 10 minutes
  • Has a washable cushioned cover
  • Suitable for use from birth

From the start the Gro-hush became a part of our sleep routine, both day and night it is close at hand, ready to calm and ease our son off into a nice sleep. The device has an elasticated band meaning that you can attach it to your hand, allowing you to be free to hold your baby safely and not worry about it falling to the ground, (the Gro-Hush that is) which creates a baby-waking BANG! believe me.

There aren’t really any downfalls to this device, however I think it would have been nice to be able to change the volume and a second cover would come in handy as it’s not as effective while the cover is being washed.

Check out the effect Gro-Hush will have on your baby…



We love ‘The Gro Company’ range of products, we own the Gro-hush, Gro-egg and Gro-swaddle, so when we were offered the opportunity to try out the Gro-snug we jumped at the chance. Like many parents we found swaddling to be a great way to help get our son off to sleep, but he also loves to sleep on his front, meaning swaddling isn’t always possible; not so with the Gro-snug.

The Gro-snug is a 2-in-1 swaddle and sleeping bag, cleverly merging the Gro-swaddle and Gro-bag, specifically for newborns. The Gro-snug works just like a baby sleeping bag but also has the ability to close off the arm holes, turning it into a very effective swaddler (if that’s a word!).

A few features of the Gro-snug:

  • Available in two weights
    • cosy (room temp between 16-20ºc) and light (room temp between 21-25ºc)
  • Long zip from bottom to top allowing for easy nappy changing
  • Unique design for hip-healthy natural leg position
  • Baby safe zips

The Gro-snug is really effective, it allows my wife to easily breastfeed our son with his arms out and then when he’s ready to sleep, popping his arms inside is super easy, going from sleeping bag to swaddle in a matter of seconds. If we then choose to put him down on his front then we simply reverse the arms-in procedure and voila, it’s a baby sleeping bag again!

Likewise there aren’t really any downfalls to the Gro-snug, though if your child has very active arms you will find that they are not held in as tight as a swaddling blanket, I held our son’s arms while getting him off to sleep.

The Gro-snug is great for sleeping, getting cosy and having cuddles with Daddy!



I recommend any expectant parent or new parent to get a hold of a Gro-hush and Gro-snug, they are very user friendly and will become part of your night-time routine and essential items in your changing bag wherever you go!

I recommend taking a look at all of the other products that The Gro Company have to offer, not only do they look great, but they offer great service and peace of mind, leaving you the opportunity to get use to being a new parent!

I’m giving these products a Hello Fatherhood 4.5* rating!

4.5* Rating-02

NB. My wife and I have made a personal choice to allow our newborn to sleep on his front, however this is not a suggested practice and this blog does not endorse it as there are many dangers. The Gro Company work closely with The Lullaby Trust, the Safer Sleep for babies charity, who advise that you should ‘Always place your baby on their back to sleep’ For more safe sleep information from The Lullaby Trust please click here.