Unrealistic Expectations

My wife is a realist and apparently it seems that I am a staunch optimist. I’ve always been a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, easily pleased by the simplest of things and never phased by much, but transferred into an environment such as we are in, my optimism may well come back and bite me on the be-hind!

Throughout the pregnancy, we have been consistently reminded to “enjoy yourself while you can”, whether it be going out to the cinema together, getting a good nights sleep or even turning up to church on time. Through my optimistic mindset my response goes something like this, “I’m not worried, our baby will be perfect, life won’t change that much”. This response is often received with sarcastic laughter, shaking heads and funny looks, as if to say ‘you’re kidding yourself!’; I’m starting to think that they may well be right.Read More »


8 Reasons a Father is a Necessity

39 weeks ago my Wife and I got the amazing news, from a stick she’d peed on, that we were expecting out first child. We were over the moon to say the least! Admittedly I still went out to buy another test, just to make sure we weren’t being conned, but it was well worth the £9 I spent because it confirmed the first urine soaked test and meant we could really get excited!

I promptly got myself on Amazon to find material that would make me a ‘better Father’. It would be my first venture into fatherhood and so I wanted to be prepared! It took me almost 30 weeks of the pregnancy to even open one of the books, but I’m so glad I finally got round to it, and I can’t wait to finish them all!Read More »

Bringing up a Coconut

I’m told, by the many baby apps that I’ve downloaded, that my son is currently the size of a Coconut, a Bunch of Asparagus, a Kale or a Leek. I don’t think I ever imagined that I would be comparing my unborn son to a load of fruit and vegetables.

But there is a lot about this baby stuff that I don’t think I ever imagined. At 31 weeks the little man, that I will soon be changing nappies for, cleaning up sick and pushing around in a pram, currently represents a much slimmer version of ‘Boofle’, a plush cuddly toy that has become a tradition in the present givings each Christmas and Birthday for my wife. Our biggest Boofle stands at around 46cm in height and although a little fat, with a rather enlarged head, currently provides me with the best example of a baby sized thing that can sit in our living room and look cute.Read More »