The Miracle of Birth

Just over a week ago we received the most amazing thing in the entire world, our son (Baby H). 9 months and 1 week of being fashioned inside my wife’s womb is all it took to create our healthy 8lb 5oz little man. Looking back those 9 months flew by, but at the time we were impatient, excited and just wanted the whole process to hurry up so that we could meet him.

On the Monday morning my wife woke me up at 6am with a little shake and the words we’d been waiting for, “I think my waters may have just broken”. I certainly wasn’t awake at that point and so not much happened for the next few minutes, but after 10 minutes contractions were just a few minutes apart and we fairly hastily got ourselves ready and left for the hospital; though much to my wife’s frustration I did spend a few minutes on my hair and beard, if I was going to meet my son, I wanted to at least look ok and feel prepared for what was about to happen, feel ready to support my wife.


On arriving at the hospital and having been checked on by a few midwives and a doctor we were swiftly moved to the labour ward. Baby H’s heart rate was a little erratic, spiking up and dropping low, so my wife had to remain strapped to a monitor the entire time. By 9am labour was in full swing, contractions were about a minute apart and Entonox supplies were being pillaged left right and center. At 11:30 we opted for an Epidural, creating what I could only describe as the eye of a storm, contractions no longer came with pain and we turned into a bunch of pensioners sat in separate parts of the room reading books and sipping drinks.

Our contented rest was short lived; a few epidural top ups and an unfavourable visit from an impatient mother-in-law later and we were starting to push. I’m so crazily proud of my wife, I will never be able to go through what she [or any woman] went through to bring a child into this world, it was tiring, emotional and painful to say the very least, but the result was priceless. I’m a Christian, I believe in miracles and I truly believe that God still works them to this very day; seeing my son being born, watching him come out of his mummy and in to this world seems indescribable, but when I think about it, when I really try to convey what it was like, I can only classify it as a miracle!



As I sit here at 3:30am writing this post, telling you how our labour went, I am also looking into our moses basket where our son has just fallen asleep. He is so peaceful, so innocent and still, the pain and emotions of giving birth seem so far behind us, what we’re left with is a small human being, with his mummy’s chin, his daddy’s nose and eyes which yet are indistinguishable from either of us, and we’re supposed to look after him for the next however many years. I’m so thankful to God for providing us with the most incredible gift we will ever receive, the miracle of a baby.


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