Bringing up a Coconut

I’m told, by the many baby apps that I’ve downloaded, that my son is currently the size of a Coconut, a Bunch of Asparagus, a Kale or a Leek. I don’t think I ever imagined that I would be comparing my unborn son to a load of fruit and vegetables.

But there is a lot about this baby stuff that I don’t think I ever imagined. At 31 weeks the little man, that I will soon be changing nappies for, cleaning up sick and pushing around in a pram, currently represents a much slimmer version of ‘Boofle’, a plush cuddly toy that has become a tradition in the present givings each Christmas and Birthday for my wife. Our biggest Boofle stands at around 46cm in height and although a little fat, with a rather enlarged head, currently provides me with the best example of a baby sized thing that can sit in our living room and look cute.Read More »